According to Goodspeed's History of Tennessee (1887), Roan's Creek Church of Christ was organized in 1825.  However, Dr. Edward Craighead in research for his Master's thesis at Abilene Christian University in the mid 1960's found evidence from several family records in the area that pins the founding date to July 1820 with the following charter members:Levi Holmes and wife, Christopher "Kitty" Gust and wife, Levi McWherter and wife, and Polly Holmes.  A Bible School was the first priority followed by the organization of the church. According to a thesis written in 1959 by Bobby Pinckley, some of the earliest elders were Dudley Williams, Clay Brandon, M. A. Brandon, and Thomas W. Pinckley.

The discrepancy in founding dates is thought to be a result of the "church rights" to the plot of ground where the group had been meeting being given in 1825.  Tradition has it that a Brother Hardy gave the assembly "church rights" to the property by a will, probably in 1825, stipulating that if and when the assembly ceased to meet on a regular basis, the plot of land would go back to the original tract.  In 1964, the congregation gave Mr. Everett Scates $150.00 for a quit-claim deed to the plot of ground which was being used by the congregation.  Subsequent purchases from Mr. Scates gave the congregation its current property of six to eight acres.  The Roan's Creek Church is considered the mother church in this section of the state with no less than eight or ten churches located in Carroll and adjacent counties having been organized by people going out of the Roan's Creek congregation.

The Church is located south of town on Highway 22.  Services are held each Sunday at 10 a.m. for Bible Study, 10:45 a.m. for Worship, 6 p.m. for Sunday evening Worship, and 7 p.m. for Wednesday Bible Study.