The Clarksburg Church of Christ had its beginning in 1916.  A two-acre lot was the site of a wooden frame schoolhouse.  In 1934 a new building was erected, and in 1967 a new auditorium seating approximately 400 was added to the same structure.  That same year, the Anark congregation and the Poplar Springs congregation merged with the Clarksburg congregation.

Gospel preachers who have served the church include Charles Brown, L. D. Willis, Paul Morgan, Bobby Terrell, J. R. Pugh, Jerry Steele, Steve Williams, Jerry Gross, Clifford Lyons, Ivie Powell, Bill Crossno, Martin Klamm, and Clint Hopper.  Chase Sanders is the current preacher.  Elders who have served the congregation include S. J. Belew, J. C. Roark, I. H. Pritchard, Robert Stephens, Dayton Jarrett, Lewis Kee, Frank Wilson, T. L. Wilson, Otis L. Cox, James M. Wood, Claude Taylor, Bennie Collins, Roosevelt Hardy, James Rosser, Alex Anderson, and Lois Ray Pritchard.  Current elders are Harry Carden, Max Cary, Danny Hastings, and Randall Roark.   Deacons who have served include Gerald Brandon, Roy Carnal, Max Cary, Ava Pendergrass, Odell Peterson, and Merrell Smith.  Current deacons are Corey Bartholomew, Tim Boyd, Jeremy Gurley, and Kenny Peterson.

The congregation meets on Sunday for Bible Study at 9 a.m., Worship at 9:50 a.m., and Sunday night Worship at 6 p.m.   Wednesday night Bible study begins at 7 p.m.   The church may be contacted through any of its elders or deacons.